House Washing

Indiana Prowash provides exterior house washing services to clients in Northern Indiana, Southwest Michigan and the Chicagoland region.  Using a proprietary 3 step process utilizing detergents, brighteners and our Soft Wash system your homes curb appeal will be like never before.  Our process consists of:

  • Our landscape friendly detergent being applied to the exterior of your home from the gutter line down to the foundation.  Adequate dwell is then allowed for the detergents to work at the grime, dirt, algae and mildew to not only loosen and remove it but in the case of mold and algae kill it off.  These detergents are 100% safe for use around your plants, pets and family.
  • Our ProBright aluminum cleaner is then applied to the exterior of the gutters and soffits and brushed.  This process works to remove the oxidation stains so commonly found on gutter and other aluminum surfaces.  99% of these surfaces will return to a nearly new appearance.  Surfaces that have been had the oxidation present for many years may retain a slight shadow after cleaning but still clean up remarkably well!
  • Technicians then use our Soft Wash system to gently wash the exterior of your home from the gutter line down to the foundation.  The Indiana ProWash Soft Wash system allows us to clean your home GENTLY and using a low impact cleaning method.  Windows are then rinsed to minimize water spotting or streaking
  • OPTIONAL:  As an upgrade to your exterior house wash ask about our Exterior Window Cleaning Services for the ultimate in a CLEAN exterior!

WHY SOFT WASH?  Soft Washing virtually eliminates the concerns common to traditional pressure washing which include forcing water up under the siding and blowing out window seals on home exteriors.  Traditional pressure washing commonly impacts your home at 3000 to 5000 psi.   This is enough to cut a piece of wood in half!  The ProWash Soft Washing system utilizes pressures in the range of 100 to 300 psi.  So low that we can put our hand in front of it with no concerns!